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Lieutenant-Colonel J A (Tony) Gibb

It is my sad duty to inform you that Lieutenant-Colonel J A (Tony) Gibb passed away suddenly on Saturday, 26th October, after a short admission to hospital.  He was 92.  Tony was a true warrior from a period of empire, which we left behind many years ago, and with a record of service that one can only imagine in this day and age.  Commissioned in the 1st Punjab Regiment in the 1941, he saw much fighting on the NW Frontier and was left for dead after a particularly bloody skirmish.  On his recovery he was seconded to the South Waziristan Scouts.  Considered not fully fit for further active Service, he become one of General (later Field Marshal) Sir Claude Auchinleck’s Aides-de-Camp when Commander-in-Chief Indian Army.  After Partition, and now badged as an Argyll and Sutherland Highlander, he ‘stayed on’ in the sub-Continent as a member of the Directing Staff at the former Indian Army Staff College at Quetta, which was now in the newly created West Pakistan.  He was Mentioned-in-Dispatches for service in Palestine. He saw service with the Kings’ African Rifles in Kenya, before commanding a squadron with the Trucial Oman Scouts during the Jebel Akhdar War.  Now struggling with his combat wounds, Tony transferred to the RMP in June 1959, where he held a number of key appointments at a time when the Nation was withdrawing from its Empire and during successive Defence cuts.  He was Officer Commanding 150 Provost Company, served in the Far-east with the Gurkha Military Police, on the staff of 17 Gurkha Division and at General Headquarters Far-East Land Forces; with 3rd Division; and at HQ 1st (British) Corps as Deputy-Assistant-Provost Marshal (Operations).  On promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel he served variously as Assistant-Provost Marshal Scottish Command; Strategic Command; Singapore District; and then finally at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).  He retired in 1975.

His funeral is to be held at the Church of the Holy Redeemer, Bishopsdown, Salisbury, on Wednesday, 13 November, starting at 1215 hours, and Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Rawlings will be representing the Provost Marshal (Army) and the Officers’, both past and present, of the RMP.


Major (Retired) AJ West OBE, was a Regular RMP officer for many years and was the Chief Police Adviser in Germany until 1987, when he assumed the appointment of Public Safety Advisor to the then British Military Government (BMG) in Berlin, a post he held until October 1990.  Arthur was commissioned into the RAOC from the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars and transferred to the RMP in 1958.  Following the Provost Officers’ Course he was posted as a Temporary Captain to 1 (British) Corps Provost Company and then was granted a Regular Commission.  He saw service with 247 (Berlin) Provost Company in 1959, was Second-in-Command 6 Guard Dog Unit RMP and then served with 3 Infantry Brigade Provost Unit before returning from the Far East to Chichester.  He saw service with the RMP TA: with 252 General Headquarters (GHQ) Provost Company (TA) and was then the Permanent Staff Officer (PSO) with 251 GHQ Provost Company (TA).  On promotion to Major, Arthur assumed command of 101 Provost Company in 1964.  In 1968, he took command of the Army Depot Police (ADP) Cyprus.  After another short stint at the RMP Training Centre he was posted back to Rheindahlen to command the Garrison Provost Company before retiring in January 1971, as a fluent German speaker, to take up the post as a Police Adviser with the Joint Service Liaison Office (JSLO) in Dusseldorf eventually rising to the Chief Advisor’s post.  Significantly, Arthur was the first former RMP officer to join the Police Adviser’s Office, but he was followed by many more.  He later assumed the appointment as the last Public Safety Advisor to the British Military Government in Berlin, for which he was appointed OBE (Civil Division).  Arthur retired initially to Berlin, but then to Estepona, Spain, where he remained until ill-health following a series of strokes forced a return to Care Home in the United Kingdom.  Arthur had many admirable qualities: a high sense of duty to his Country; devotion to his two wives both of whom predeceased him and his faith.


Although an officer in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, Roger had been seconded to the Provost Service for many years and saw active service during the War.  After the Military Police Depot moved from Mytchett Hutments to Inkerman Barracks at Woking, he became the Chief Instructor and inaugurated new training disciplines.  A very private man, and many thought him stand offish, but once he got to know and trust a person he became very affable.  Towards the end of his service he was employed in Regimental Headquarters with responsibilities for the RMPA and Museum. The RMPA had been formed in 1946, replacing the defunct CMP Old Comrades (War) Association.  On retirement he remained in post, as Assistant Regimental Secretary, which by then had become a Retired Officers’ appointment.  The Museum then consisted of a collection of memorabilia akin to a private collection and together with the Museum Assistant, the late George Pitter, Roger set about reorganisation.  His plans were advanced accidentally in 1962, when severe frost ruptured the water tank in the Clock Tower above, sending thousands of gallons of freezing water down into the Museum below and ruining many of the exhibits.  This gave Roger him the opportunity he needed to dispose of much of the rubbish (there was no other word for it) that comprised much of the collection, thus the makings of a modern museum was born.  His energy was also directed at the Depot Branch RMPA, which soon became a thriving organisation with well attended events.  The annual RMPA Reunion also received the ‘Whistler treatment’ and the first held in Chichester in 1964, saw everyone of the 222 seats, the maximum the Barrack’s dining room could then take, occupied and many applications had to be refused.  Roger had, of course become a RMP Officer when the Corps of Officers was formed in 1954, and it is not generally realised that not all seconded officers had been offered a transfer.  Another of his memorable actions was to transform a neglected lawn outside the old barracks Chapel into a beautiful memorial garden, honouring those who gave their lives in the Corps.  He provided the means and the late Mr Gates, the Depot gardener; and volunteers the labour.  When The Corps moved to Chichester Roger transferred turf from the garden to Roussillon Barracks, where a Street (Whistler Avenue) was named after him.  One patch was laid at the entrance and another outside the CO's office.  The former disappeared when the Gatehouse was built and when the move to Southwick Park took place, a turf from outside the CO's Office was re-laid at the new Chapel’s Garden of Remembrance.  Roger’s work for the RMPA and other matters resulted in him being appointed MBE (Civil Division). Read More:

Maj Whisltler Obituary



Former 23360351 Lance-Corporal John Vincent Bartrop died in the early hours of the
3 February 2013, at his home in Runcorn, Cheshire.  He leaves a Widow Joyce.

Tony Bowdler was also the bearer of further sad news when he sent me the following message, ‘Ray Blackham passed away on Friday 19th July 2013 in West Bromwich, West Midlands. In 1953-54 Ray served as an NCO in Malaya during the Emergency. He was an active Member of our RMP Malaya Veterans' Group contributing several stories for inclusion in our Newsletter. He will be greatly missed by friends and colleagues. Ray leaves behind his wife Jillian, a son and daughter.’ Ed: I would just like to add that Ray was also an avid contributor to this newsletter, was always vocal about having been made to wear a Gurkha hat and always let me know when troops paraded in camouflage uniform when they should be in proper dress. Ray, I am going to miss you at the other end of the fibre optic.

Brian Griffiths sent in the following message.’22390895 Lcpl James Alfred Chapman RMP. It is my sad duty to notify all members of the death of James (Jim) Alfred Chapman who had passed away peacefully on 12th May 2013. Jim joined our branch in 2010. His past military service commenced with the RAOC in 1950 before transferring to the RMP later that year. Jim’s RMP service was in UK and Düsseldorf BAOR until l952 and his discharge. Our condolences are extended to wife Corrine-Ann, daughter Samantha and family.

Dan Cowley sent in the following message, ‘Some sad news of the death of Gordon Dawes. Gordon transferred from RMP to the MPSC on 5th July 1966, he reached the rank of WO1 (RSM) in the MPSC and was discharged in March 1978. He passed away after a short illness on 22nd June 2013 in hospital in Plymouth.

James A Deans
Former 24075025 Cpl James A Deans died yesterday 9 Sep 13. James was one of the founder members of Fenland and District Branch RMPA and was its first Standard Bearer. He had been unwell for some time and was confined to a wheelchair. He served in the RMP for 22 years (from Jan 66 to Jan 88) passing out from R83 Squad and then serving with 247 (Berlin) Provost Company, 99 Gurkha Brigade Provost Unit, 200 Provost Company and 16 Army Youth Training Unit and then onto 112, 175, 179, 227, 101 Provost Companies and finally CCRIO. We have his rank on discharge as Corporal. As yet details of his funeral are as yet unknown. He leaves a widow Cherril. Cards to: Mrs C Deans 78 Manor Drive Great Gonerby Grantham NG31 8LX. James’s cremation service will start at 2.45 on Monday 23rd September at Grantham Crematorium, Harrowby Road, Grantham NG31 9DT  Following the service there will be light refreshments at the Recruiting Sergeant Pub NG31 8JP. If you are able to attended James wife Cherrill would welcome your presence.

Former Warrant Officer Class 1 George Falconer passed away unexpectedly on 19 November 2011, at his home in Colchester, Essex.  His funeral was held at Colchester Crematorium followed by a Wake at the ‘Donkey and Buskin’ Public House, Layer De La Haye.

Former 23293315 Lance-Corporal John Alan Flynn died suddenly at home in Manchester, on Sunday 29th September.  The funeral was held at St Luke’s Church, Irlam of the Heights, Salford, on 11th October and the RMPA was represented.  John served with 224 General Headquarters (GHQ) Provost Company RMP in Gibraltar (1956 – 1958) and he had been an active member of the Manchester Branch RMPA.  His daughter has reported that his experience in the RMP defined him as a person for the rest of his life and he was very proud to have been a military policeman”.

Ex 24591062 Cpl Michael ‘Fozzy’ Forsythe died on 7 April 2013, aged 48.  Mick's first posting was to 111 Provost Company in Hohne, were he arrived in 1983. He later served in 176 Provost Company in Londonderry serving for a period in the Weapons Intelligence Section (WIS) and 158 Provost Company in Buford.  Mick is remembered for never having had a bad word to say about anyone and always being ready to have a laugh.  He is described by those who knew him well of being “a true gent and a giant of a man”.His untimely death leaves a widow, Linda and two young daughters: Georgie and Amelia.

Patrick Joseph Franklin
14904847 former Sgt Patrick Joseph Franklin has just died. Pat enlisted in January 1945, serving with CMP until his discharge in October 1948, and as this was after the Corps was granted the Royal Prefix he got a new Regimental Number(22228421). his Service was mainly with our Middle-East Forces and he saw extensive service in Greece. His funeral will be at St. Edmund’s Church, Downham Market, PE38 9LF, at 1400 hrs, 13 Sep 13. Fenland & District Branch RMPA are planning to send representation.

Former 14808505 LCpl Robert Harry Gowland, a CMP Veteran, member of the RMPA and civil policeman, died on 1 August, after a long and debilitating illness. Bob, as he was known, is remembered as a compassionate and honourable man, with very strong principles. One of his stories from the end of the Second World War in Germany, at the Cuxhaven Peninsular, near Hamburg, he was serving in the Dorsetshire Regiment, 2 days after the German surrender on 7 May, which coincidentally was his 19th birthday, he was standing guard on his own at a crossroads, when he heard the sound of marching soldiers coming down the road. As they got closer, he saw that they were a Company of German soldiers, still shouldering their arms and marching smartly to hand themselves over as prisoners. As Bob said, if it had been a couple of days before, he would not have been seen for dust! The German officer marched up to Bob, and they exchanged smart salutes. The officer requested that Bob accept the surrender of his men, who numbered about 100! Bob explained in his fairly basic German that there were receiving facilities a mile or two further on, and gave directions, as he could not do much on his own. The officer saluted smartly and as he walked back to his men Bob said “Viel Gluck” (“Good Luck”). The officer turned back to Bob, and visibly moved, saluted again and said “Danke’. This was evidence of his compassion and decency, even to those who wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot him a couple of days before. Transferring to the Military Police at Wolfenbulttel, near Brunswick he met and married a German girl, Irma. On his way to visit Irma’s family and carrying a battered suitcase, he was offered a lift by a staff officer. He threw his suitcase into the car, and wondered what the officer would say if he knew it was full of food from the NAAFI for Irma’s family! The staff officer, probably impressed by Bob’s maturity and his knowledge of German, suggested that he request a posting to serve with the Allied Control Commission, but mindful that his family had always stressed that one “needed a trade”, he decided to go back to Wolverton to finish his apprenticeship as a coach-builder for the LMS railway. However, as soon as he completed his apprenticeship, he left to join the Sussex Police. A keen sportsman, Bob ran for his county as a young man and played cricket for the Police. He also became a qualified pilot. He leaves his widow and a daughter.

Willie HalsallFormer 22697649 Lance Corporal William ‘Willie’ Henry Halsall was born on the Isle of Man on 25th March 1932 and died peacefully on 16th March 2013 at Hospice Isle of Man. Willie, joined the RMP as a National Serviceman on 31st March 1952, training with 303/304 squad at Inkerman Barracks before serving with 16 Independent Parachute Brigade HQ Suez. Following his service, Willie worked as a Painter and Decorator on the Island and later in England before returning to his beloved Isle of Man in the late 1970’s. Willie, a keen golfer, also loved the sea and on his return to the Island set up business as a Crab and Lobster fisherman with his partner Evelyn. The business thrived for over thirty years. His love and extensive knowledge of the sea in all its moods lead him to become an active member of the Port St Mary Lifeboat Crew over many years. In 1981, he, together with the Coxswain and a further member of the crew, received an award from the Royal National Life Boat Institution inscribed on Vellum of the lifeboat in recognition of their skill, determination and initiative when the lifeboat rescued two of the crew of the yacht ‘Milford’, which had run aground on rocks at Derbyhaven in an east-south-easterly gale and rough sea on 17th May 1981. Willie and his fellow crew member left the lifeboat in a small craft to effect the rescue. willies boatWillie was a gentleman in the true sense of the word; well liked by all who came into contact with him. This was evident at his funeral when thirteen of eighteen members of the Isle of Man Branch attended. Those of the Branch who did not attend were either ill or off Island. He will be sadly missed by all his colleagues and those who regularly saw Willie sailing his small boat out of St Mary Harbour.

Former 23032513 Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant-Major) Fred Heatley passed away on 3 February 2013, following a long illness.  He enlisted in May 1954, Serving with the RMP for a full-career before his retirement in 1975, Fred served with 2 Div Pro Coy, Gibraltar Provost Unit, London District Provost Coy, as an instructor at the RMP Training Centre, Cyprus with the United Nations (UNFICYP), 247 Provost Company in Berlin Coy and SHAPE Provost Company and elsewhere in the UK and Germany,.  In the recent past, Fred was well enough to travel from his home in Broadstairs; most recently to Kingston Ontario, for the North America Branch RMPA Reunion, but sadly he was too ill to accompany his wife June to the Reunion held in San Francisco last year. He leaves his Widow, two daughters and four grandchildren.

Former Sgt Gordon Honeyford of Hoet Village, Oldham, Greater Manchester, passed away in October 2012. Gordon was an active Member of the Manchester Branch, RMPA, for many years and until very recently, was the Property Member responsible for the memorabilia, which is housed mainly in a glass-fronted cabinet in the All Ranks’ Mess of 116 Provost Company (Volunteers), 4 Regiment Royal Military Police, at the Belle Vue TA Centre in Manchester. Gordon first saw military service with the Coldstream Guards in 1948, serving in Malaya during the Emergency and later at St James’s Palace.   Following his demobilisation at the end of his 5-year Army Emergency Reserve (AER) service in 1950, he joined 42 Division Provost Company (Volunteers) at Elm Grove, Didsbury, Manchester, rising to the rank of Sergeant.  He joined the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA) in 1971.  Gordon is sadly missed by his widow Margaret, his daughter Catherine and all his friends at the Manchester Branch RMPA.

Jesse James passed away on Friday 10th May. The funeral will be held at Ipswich Crematorium On Wednesday, 29th May at 1145 hours.

Former 2876651 Sergeant William Kellas passed away in the early hours of 21 November 2012, in Aberdeen, following a long illness.  He was 95.

It is my sad duty to report the death of former 7484335/22240641 Lance-Sergeant Jack Kidd BEM who died yesterday at the age of 94. Jack enlisted into the TA in Dundee in 1938 and was accepted by the CMP.  He was captured at St Valery in 1940, after the BEF had withdrawn through Dunkirk. As a POW he survived the 1,100 mile 'Long March' in 1945, as the Germans forced marched Allied POWs from the East in advance of the advancing Red Army. He was in both Stalag XXa and XXb in Poland and weighed just 6st 1lbs when liberated. Described as "a lovely, lovely man" his accounts of his wartime service are held in the RMP Archive. He was a longstanding member of Scotland (Central) Branch RMPA and the British Red Cross.

Dan Cowley also sent in the following message, ‘WO2 Fred Lennie MPASC died on the 17th July 2013. He served with the MPSC from 1964 to 1978. He had previous service with the RMP in 247 Berlin, from where he transferred; he also had previous service with one of the Guards regiments.

Roddy McLean
It is with great sadness we report the death of Malaya Veteran Roddy McLean who died on the 17th October 2013. Roddy trained in 301 Training Squad and served in Malaya during 1952 and 1953. He was a respected member of our RMP Malaya Veterans Group and will be sadly missed by friends and relations.

Major David Charles Manger RMP
who died just short of his 72nd year, on 28 September after a very short illness, began his working life as a trainee chartered accountant in Leicester, but wanted more of a challenge and joined Leicestershire Police.  He later transferred to Bournemouth Police, but still couldn’t settle so in 1964, he enlisted in the Army and was in one of the first Squads to be trained at Chichester.   His potential was spotted early and in due course he was posted to the Mons Officer Cadet School, Aldershot, from which he was commissioned in the Corps of Royal Military Police in 1965.  Whilst serving in Berlin in 1970, he was asked to move to Sennelager to take command of the Special Investigation Branch (SIB) Section there and so began his long relationship with the ‘Branch’.  After Sennelager, he was posted to Northern Ireland as Second-in-Command of 178 Provost Company (Investigations), the Province’s SIB Company.  

After promotion to Major in 1975, he returned to Germany as the Senior Investigating Officer in the 1st (British) Corps area based in Bielefeld.  A short time later and in 1977, he was back in uniform and commanded 114 Provost Company, at Hobart Barracks, Detmold, the 1st Line  Provost Company supporting 4th (Armoured) Division, which would have been one of the first to meet the Soviet Forces if it had ever come to that.  He was subsequently posted to the staff at Headquarters 2nd (Armoured) Division, also in Germany, before returning to the UK and to Headquarters Provost Marshal Army in London in 1981. 

In 1981, the Army was starting to be computerised and David’s greatest contribution was as one of the luminaries responsible for the introduction of new ‘Information Technology’ as it was called then into SIB operations in the eighties, particularly in his role as Officer Commanding the Central Criminal Records and Intelligence Office, (CCRIO) where he computerized that function for the Army’s criminal records, a job that was to occupy him on- and -off for the remainder of his Service.  It is due to David’s pioneering efforts that RMP arrived fully prepared for the late 20th and early 21stcenturies.  He retired from the active list on 12 March 1992, at the age of 50.  David is remembered for his empathy and a broad smile that invariably lit up any conversation with him.  He first marriage to Rosemary was dissolved and he leaves his second wife Pauline and two children from his previous marriage.

His funeral was held on 8 October at Ardsley Crematorium, Barnsley with representation from South Yorkshire Branch RMPA and Major Jim Mcintosh representing RHQ and the PM(A).

Lieutenant-Colonel (Quartermaster) Stanley Charles Manning OBE RMP
manning passed away aged 80, in the early hours of 28th July 2013, at his home in Poole, Dorset, after a long and difficult illness.

Born in Exton, Devon, in 1932, Steve trained as a brick layer before enlisting into the Corps of Royal Military Police in 1952, training at Inkerman Barracks.  His subsequent distinguished career was almost ended when on a day out in London, the then Private Manning was arrested outside Buckingham Palace and put in a cell for failing to salute the ‘Officer-of-the-Day’.  He would later return to the Palace in much happier circumstances in 1987 to be invested by Her Majesty The Queen as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Steve saw service with RMP in Suez just before the crisis and the Anglo-French Invasion.  Posted to another ‘hot-spot’ - this time Cyprus during the EOKA insurgency - he was wounded by shrapnel when on patrol and a bomb was thrown at his jeep, but despite this he was always found in the thick of the action: assisting some RAF Policemen during an ambush; and he was subsequently Mentioned-in-Dispatches’ for distinguished service when he and a colleague ‘faced-down’ a crowd of Cypriot rioters.  At the time of his ‘Mention’ he received a note of congratulations via telegram from the then Governor-General Field Marshal Lord Harding of Petherton.   A few years later he was in Berlin as the infamous wall was erected and then saw extensive service in Northern Ireland during the worst of the ‘Troubles’ in Londonderry and elsewhere, receiving a GOC’s Commendation.  A natural sportsman, Steve represented the Corps the Army and Combined Services sHin various disciplines.  Having reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 and the appointment of Regimental Sergeant-Major, he was commissioned in 1973, serving as Officer-in-Charge (OIC) the RMP Mounted Troop; Officer Commanding (OC) 158 Provost Company RMP and latterly as the all-powerful Quartermaster (QM) at the Royal Military Police Training Centre at Chichester, where he could be seen every lunchtime, come rain or shine, honing his golf driving skills on the playing field.  As a Retired Officer (RO)  Steve became the first Administrative Officer (AO) to the newly created Close Protection Operations Wing at Longmoor, set up to support the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with Major Adrian Collins as the first Officer Commanding, working with only two dining-room chairs and a coffee table and little else besides from a misappropriated Married Quarter.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Finally leaving the Army behind, Steve became Secretary of Effingham Golf Club in Surrey, and while his handicap improved, he also made significant changes, ensuring that the Club was a model of efficiency and placed on a sound financial footing.  On his final retirement, he and his devoted wife of 59 years, Angela, whom he had met when she was a young WRAC Private serving in Egypt, travelled widely racking up thousands of miles of travel on cruises around the world.   Golf remained a passion and at 75 he played off a handicap of ‘6’.

Ex-23692557 WO2 Duncan Iain MacLeod BEM, died suddenly aged 69 years, on Tuesday, 26th February 2013, leaving his widow Julie, a daughter and two granddaughters.

Former 23755686 Warrant Officer Class 2 John Masek died on the 11th October after a very long illness aged 74. John joined the RMP in 1959, serving around the world including a lengthy period in the Far East, and in particular Malaya (now Malaysia) where he met his wife of 51.5 years, Margaret. His last posting was at Colchester with 156 Provost Company. With his widow he also leaves two sons: Raymond and Phillip; and a daughter Christina. Funeral details will be published in due course, but it is likely to be in Chelmsford, Essex at some date after the 22 Oct.

Former 22368190 Lance-Corporal William (Billy) Monaghan, formerly of 227 Provost Company, Trieste, Italy. A member of both Merseyside Branch RMPA and the Triestini Club (which is also known as the Derek Scott Lowe Group). Bill served in Trieste from 1950-1952. Billy was a member of the Company Boxing Team at Light-Heavy Weight. He was a .popular soldier of a quiet disposition. After' demob’, Billy joined the Merseyside Fire Brigade and rose to a senior rank. Billy suffered from a serious heart condition, and had a quadruple heart by-pass, but was only able to attend RMPA meetings occasionally. He died in hospital, surrounded by his loving wife and family. After a Requiem Mass at St. Benett’s, Netherton, Billy’s interment took place in the Garden of Remembrance, Thornton. The Standards of the local RMPA & the Royal British Legion Branches were in attendance with RMPA members attending at both the Church and the Burial.

RSM NelsonEx-24092709 WO1 (RSM) W J (Bill) Nelson BEM, affectionately known as “Shaky” due to a slight  hand tremor, passed away at the Royal Preston Hospital on 3rd October 2012, aged 62 years, after a long debilitating illness which he bore with great courage and selflessness, a quality displayed throughout his military career.  Bill was born in Hamilton, Scotland in 1950, and in 1968 joined the Parachute Regiment.  In 1971 he transferred to RMP and his first posting was to 7 Armoured Brigade, Hohne, where he was immediately bestowed with epithet, “Shaky”, which he loved.  With his boyish grin, acute sense of humour and natural understanding of soldiers he immediately connected with his new colleagues and quickly learned his trade in the world’s busiest RMP unit.  He completed a full RMP career culminating as RSM of 114 Provost Company, Detmold, West Germany.  In the late 1970’s he served in Northern Ireland at the height of the ‘Troubles’ and in 1983, was awarded the BEM for his work with the Pointer Teams in West Belfast, an award richly deserved, when serving with 175 Provost Company.  On retirement he settled in Hapton, Lancashire, with his wife Jay, who survives him with his daughter Rebecca, both of whom he loved dearly.  Although seriously ill towards the end of his life, he still regularly made the long trip to Scotland to visit his family displaying great courage and stamina.  He cared for many pets and aviary birds.  His funeral service was at Accrington Crematorium on 12th October 2012, attended by his family from Lancashire and Scotland and many of his RMP colleagues formed a Guard of Honour into the Chapel.

R.I.P. RSM “Shaky” Bill Nelson – a fine man and soldier who will be fondly remembered by all who knew him.

Former 23357633 LCpl David Rickett, passed away on the 25th April following a stroke.  David, who lived in Southwell, Nottingham, served in 2 Infantry Division and 4 Infantry Division Provost Units between 1957 and 1958.  He was in Squad 614 at Inkerman.

23809066 Cpl Jim Roy, squad 808 Jan 1961 after a lengthy illness Jim died on 12 Sept 2013 and his funeral is on Thursday 19 Sept 2013 at St. Peters church Galashiels at 1400hrs.

Richard (Dick) Skelton
Former 4754300 Sergeant Richard (Dick) Skelton, age 97, passed away on 26 August 2013. His funeral took place at the Grenoside Crematorium, Sheffield on 5 September 2013. South Yorkshire Branch members formed a Guard of Honour for his coffin, which bore his Red Beret. Dick served with the RMP throughout the Second World War – mainly in Egypt with Middle-east Land Forces (MELF) where he undertook escort duties for many dignitaries. He was an active member of South Yorkshire Branch RMPA for over 30 years, was its Chairman 1988/9 and over time (and unsurprisingly) its oldest member. Richard leaves a daughter Ann, who lives in Portugal.

144585861 Sgt Kenneth Southwood passed away at his home in Petersfield, Hants on the 16th June 2013. He originally enlisted in into the Royal Artillery, first serving in Yorkshire and later in Egypt. It was there that he was given a choice of transferring to the ACC or RMP. He chose the latter and went on to serve in Cyprus, Germany and at Woking where he met his wife to be Eileen during the week of the Coronation. He was later posted to Jamaica where he spent much of his time playing cricket. His last posting was to 193 (Ports) Pro Coy RMP, Botley, near Southampton. He is survived by his wife Eileen and his four children three of whom served in the Armed Forces or Police. It is mooted that some members of the family wished that Kenneth had gone into the ACC as his was never much of a cook. Kenneth's funeral was on the 26th June 2013 at Portsmouth and members of the Depot Branch RMPA were in attendance. Eileen can be contacted at 31 Siward Court, Borough Road, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3LR and would like to hear from anyone who knew Kenneth.

Former 23996344 Corporal William James (Bill) Spence passed away suddenly, but peacefully on 10 January 2013.  Bill Spence joined RMP in 1964. He was a member of 41a Squad at RMPTC Chichester and on completion of training was posted to 4 Guards Brigade Provost Company at Iserlohn, BAOR, until 1967.  Bill's next posting was to 17 Division Provost Company, Penang, Malaysia, where he served until the end of his engagement in 1970.  Bill then joined the City of Bradford Police as PC 75.He was transferred to the CID in 1972, and was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 1973, taking part in many major enquiries undertaken by the Bradford City Police, and its successor, the West Yorkshire Police and gaining commendations from the Chief Constable for excellent police work. He was subsequently promoted to a uniformed Inspector at Bradford Central Division, where he remained until being retired due to the onset of diabetes in 1994.  After his retirement, Bill took employment with the security division of a well-known mail order company, until increasing health problems caused him to retire permanently.  He then moved to Tenerife, where he became a member of many local expatriate associations including the Royal British Legion (RBL), and it was in Tenerife that he met his partner Paula.  The couple later returned to the UK settling in the Bradford area.  Bill then became a member of the West Yorkshire Branch of the RMPA.  Bill's funeral was held at Nab Wood Crematorium, Shipley.  Members of his local Branch were in attendance with the Branch Standard, as were his family, and many of his former colleagues from the Civil Police.  Bill leaves his partner Paula and three children and several grandchildren from his previous marriage.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Former Sergeant Jamie Stamp, Ex 24 Brigade (Kenya), 7 Armoured Brigade and Depot Signals Wing, passed away on 16 December 2012, in Plymouth, after a long illness.  His funeral was held at Efford Crematorium, Plymouth, on 28 December 2012.

Major (Quartermaster) Brian Stopforth
It is my sad duty to inform you that Major (Quartermaster) Brian Stopforth passed away in the early hours of Wednesday 30th October 2013, in hospital at Wrexham, after a relatively short admission, age 74.  Serving with the RMP from 1960, rising through the ranks and then Commissioning in 1978, Brian was a stalwart of the Association, Chairman of his local Branch (Cheshire and North Wales) and a Trustee. The funeral will be held on Weds 13 Nov 13, at 1200 hrs at the Chester Crematorium, Blacon Ave, Chester, CH1 5BB, Tel 01244 372428. Followed by: Chester Golf Club, Curzon Park North, Chester, CH4 8AR, Tel 01244 677760.

Former 22471079 Lance-Corporal Gordon Sutton died on the 14 November 2012, after a long illness.  Gordon was called up for National Service with RMP in September1951.  He trained at Inkerman Barracks (Squad 223), and was then posted to 40 Infantry Division, Kowloon, where he remained for the whole of his service.  Gordon described his time in Hong Kong as "Hard work, but at the same time, a two year exotic holiday for a lad from Yorkshire."  On demobilisation in 1953, Gordon joined the West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary and served in uniform at various locations around the County.  During his last years of service, he worked at Headquarters CID in the Modus Operandi Department and with Special Branch, retiring in 1978, with the rank of Detective Constable.  Until his illness, Gordon was a keen member of the West Yorkshire Branch RMPA.  His funeral was held at Wakefield, on 21 November 2012, and was attended by members of the Branch who paraded with the Branch Standard.  Gordon leaves a Widow, Patricia, and two sons: Matthew and Andrew.

Former 23257774 Lance-Corporal ‘Johnny’ Taylor ‘774’ (he always had his last three of his Service Number after his name as there were many Taylors in the Provost Company) passed away after a sudden heart-attack in July 2012 aged 75.  His wife Kaye reports that he had no warning and suffered no pain.  Johnny served with 200 Provost Company in Singapore from about 1957 to 1958, primarily as a Motorcycle Dispatch Rider and you could always tell what he did as he always had very brown knees with white legs!  He was a very likeable guy and in later years attended several of the RMP Reunions at Walsall and was much loved by all who knew him.

Former 23864115 Sergeant Roy Vockins passed away on the 29 December 2012, following a long illness.  Roy enlisted into the RMP in 1961, and after training in R3 Squad went on to serve in Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, and with the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) and in the United Kingdom.  His funeral took place on 15 January 2013, at Bournemouth Crematorium.  Roy leaves a widow.

Bill Watts passed away on Sunday 30th June 2013, in Norwich. In 1948-1949 Bill served as an NCO in Malaya during the Emergency. He was Author, Historian, Artist and the British Representative for the American 467 Bomber Group once based in the Norfolk area during World War II. Bill was also an active and enthusiastic member of the RMP Malaya Veterans' Group. He leaves behind his devoted wife Jill and sons Richard and James. He will be greatly missed by many friends and colleagues here and overseas.

Major (Retired) RJR Whistler MBE, passed away on 20 November 2012, at his Nursing Home in Aldwick, West Sussex.  Roger was a great servant of the Corps and was appointed MBE (Civil Division) for his work as the Assistant-Regimental Secretary and in particular, for his support to the RMPA.  A Memorial Service will be held at the Southwick Park Memorial Chapel, at 1345 hours on Tuesday 30 April 2013, followed by refreshments in the Officers’ Mess.

Jim Wells in Trieste22625173 LCpl James Gordon Wells (known as Jim) passed away suddenly on 8th August 2013, at his home on Haying Island.  He leaves a widow Freda and his children Jimmy, Steven and Carolyne. He was in 274 Squad at Inkerman along with the late Bill Taylor BEM and they went on to serve together with 105 Provost Company in Austria.  Jim was a stalwart volunteer of the RMP Museum when at Chichester and is remembered fondly as being a meticulous man with a keen eye for detail and a most methodical way of working – key skills in any Museum - and the evidence of his work is still apparent today in the Archives.  Jim was also an active member of the ‘105 Club Austria’ the reunion society of 105 Provost Company (1945-55), which was founded by Bill Taylor.  His funeral will be at St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Hayling Island, Hampshire, at 1300 hrs, on Friday, 30th August 2013, and all are welcome to attend.

Major (Retired) AJ West OBE, passed away in the early hours of 5 December 2012, at his Nursing Home in Staffordshire.  Arthur saw many years service with RMP before becoming a Police Adviser in Germany and then the Chief Police Adviser before moving to be the Public Safety Adviser to the British Military Government in Berlin until 1990.  He was cremated at Stafford Crematorium on 14 December 2012, and a Memorial Service and Requiem Mass was held for him at the Immaculate Conception and St Dominic’s Church, Stone, on 2 January 2013.  Arthur’s ashes are to be placed at the grave of his first wife, Monica, in Germany.

Former Sergeant John Williams passed away after a short illness at Joondalup Hospital, Western Australia on Tuesday 5th November. John served from 1944 to 1948. He served, initially with the South Wales Borderers, until his transfer to the Corps of Military Police (CMP) in 1945. John served as a Military Policeman in India, Egypt and Cyprus until his discharge in 1948 in the rank of sergeant. John is survived by his wife Enid and family.

Former 22710947 Lance-Corporal Brian W Woodall.  Tony Bowdler of the RMP Malaya Veterans’ Group and Birmingham (Central) Branch RMPA reports that “It is with great sadness we report the death of our Veteran’s Group Member Brian Woodall who passed away on Monday the 22 July”. Brian served in Korea during parts of 1954 and 1955, in Malaya during 1955 and 1956 and Northern Ireland.  Brian married and lived near Belfast where he owned a popular Garden Centre. Brian leaves behind two sons: David and Carl (himself a former RMP NCO and now serving with Sussex Police) who both live in England.  Brian was an active member of Northern Ireland Branch RMPA and the RMP Malaya Veterans’ Group. He will be greatly missed by friends and colleagues throughout the UK.  His funeral was held in Belfast attended by many members of the Northern Ireland Branch RMPA and the Branch Standard.


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